EJ participating in the lunch of the UN “Business School for Impact” in Geneva, October 16, 2014.


In the context of  the UN “World Investment Forum” 2014 (Geneva, October 13-16, 2014) on Thursday 16th   the launched of the network “Business Schools for Impact”. It is a UNCTAD initiative in partnership with the Global Business School Network and the Global Alliance for Management Education, as well as a number of top business schools from all continents.

It aims to stimulate and support business schools to contribute to sustainable development in the poorest areas in the world by changing the mindset of business graduates and teaching the skills required to invest and operate in low-income environments with positive social impact.

The EJ president Paolo Magagnotti, participating also in his capacity as associate professor at the West University Timisoara, underlined the importance of the media involvement to support the project, creating consensus for it. His proposal was appreciated by the coordinator J. Mitra and he became member of the network (http://business-schools-for-impact.org/directory?searchText=magagnotti&searchSubject=&searchSchool=&searchCountry=)