Who we are

We are a non-profit network of journalists and media professionals from all-over Europe who love our continent and care about its future. We believe that by embracing the legacy of Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Alcide De Gasperi, Konrad Adenauer and more than 60 years ago Europe embarked on a unique historic journey to unification, peace, democracy and prosperity showing the direction of development and an example to follow for the whole of mankind.

We are convinced that this road has no alternative and support it by our writings, speaking and publications and through specific constructive and useful discussions on a variety of subjects, plans and projects among our members in many European countries with the participation of politicians and highly qualified professional and experts.

The aim or our organization from its very beginning in 1962 is to promote the great European idea about unification, to help the rapprochement of European nations, to extend the scope of European integration because we believe that sooner or later Europe can and should speak in one voice on a par with other world great powers.

We consider that the values of European civilization forged through centuries of endurance and suffering should be preserved and enriched by developing prospective cooperation and by attracting neighboring countries and regions with whom we share a common history, who share the same values and who wish to go along the same road.

We want to live in a Europe without borders, embracing solidarity, in a Europe where the richer are assisting the poorer to overcome their lagging behind, but preserving their national identity and multicultural diversity. We believe that Europe should be united in diversity.

We stand for reasonable and just policies for economic and social prosperity. We want common and acceptable to all rules which make easier the life, interaction and communication between Europeans.

At the same time we are critical of European institutions and officials in Brussels who tend to forget that United Europe is for the people and that too much bureaucracy is an evil which turns people away from European ideals and dreams. We regard the European idea and the great European project as something which needs constant inspiration, sincere input and strong impulses if it is to succeed.

We think that United Europe of the future should be a home for all Europeans, because security and prosperity in Europe are indivisible and our historical background originates from the same cradle. This is why we are open for communication and dialogue with colleagues from all European countries.

We see and feel that the EU is at a critical stage of its development. Piling problems, internal tensions and strife threaten its very existence. We, the European Journalists, are alarmed at the prospects Europe is facing because of the lack of solidarity and visionary politicians.

Considering the always greater global challenges that we will face, we strongly advocate a courageous and farsighted politics for recasting both domestic and foreign finalités of the European Union which also enables it to have a pivotal role in promoting peace and stability worldwide.

We believe journalists have an important role to play in reviving the spirit, the legacy and the inspiring energy that the founding fathers of Europe bequeathed us. We are fighting the destructive forces of pessimism and doom predicting the demise of United Europe and a return to the politics of greed, rivalry, conflicts and war.

We believe that attention and care for the human personality is one of the most precious values of European civilization and Europe should remain global standard for respect of human rights and human dignity. We therefore see as disgusting the attitude of certain present day European politicians towards the tragedy of migrants fleeing bloody wars, military conflicts and desperate poverty in search for salvation and better life in Europe.

As journalists we stick to our position that media in Europe should uphold their role as one of the bulwarks of democracy and a critical corrective factor, as a mouthpiece of public opinion which opposes behind-the-scenes politics and stands for openness, for free information and tolerant discussion on all matters of public interest.

In the present crisis situation in Europe and the world we are struggling against the ever more increasing encroachment on media freedom and independence, for upholding the professional and democratic rights of journalists – a special breed of people with indispensable role in today’s society.

While at the beginning and for many years members of the Association used to be national sections of journalists, in 2006 we introduced individual memberships and this is in the conviction to overcome national limits towards a more involving and cross-boarder participation in a better European spirit. 

Effective EJ members are now individual persons working as journalists and/or anyway in the media field in a European Union or the Council of Europe member country. 

However, we have also nation sections whose members are anyway also EJ members.

Those not wishing to be effective members but feel motivated and interested in supporting the Association’s purposes and participating in its activities can be adherent members without the right to vote in the Assembly. 

What we do

Bringing together people who practice journalistic and/or media activity in a member state of the European Union or of the Council of Europe who believe in the necessity of European integration on a democratic basis and who defend the freedom of the press and freedom of access to information.

All the EJ members are required to be committed to promoting European integration based on democracy and resolved to maintain the freedom of the press; for these purposes they are all invited to do all they cannot just to talk at people but also to speak with people, creating conditions so that citizens can express themselves on European subjects.

Involvement of journalist of countries and regions outside the European Union and the Council of Europe, especially neighboring countries, for promoting human relations and friendship useful for cooperation and a better understanding of the global significance of the European integration.

Support to networking among the Association’s members so that they can exchange opinions on European and other subjects and information required for providing more complete news and reports for the media they work for.

Facilitation of mutual friendship among EJ members also aimed to have good grasp of situations, cultures, traditions, political and institutional realities of different countries, thus creating a climate of a better mutual understanding.

Corporation in promoting the development of the journalistic profession, facilitating exchanges , contacts with institutes and centers of journalism and issuing scholarships for young students motivated in communicating Europe.

Facilitation of contacts with the European institutions for the EJ members.

Promotion and defense of the freedom of expression also operation with institutions and organizations specifically committed to this goal.

Promotion and organization of meetings and visits to European institutions and territorial realities in order to better know and understand European socioeconomic , institutional and political aspects.

Organization every year, as Association’s main events, of an international Congress on topical themes regarding the European integration.

We do all this within the realms of possibility.

If you are a journalist and share how aims and objectives and would like to join other colleagues in shaping a new Europe, fill in the Application form below

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EJ Bylaws

Our family

In this section we report brief infos and pictures regarding particular facts of our EJ members and supporters and conferral of special recognition on persons who have acquire particular merits in supporting the European project or our Association.

  • Commemorating Manfred Swarovski at the EJ Congress 2018 in Berlin

  • Manfred Swarovski, very special EJ Friend and EJ strategic sponsor through his SWARCO Group. He died on May 13, 2018 at the age of 78.

  • EJ President Paolo Magagnotti commemorates Manfred Swarovski at the 56th EJ Congress (October 17-20,2018) at the Bertelsmann Foundation’s representation in Berlin.

  • Mr. Manfred Swarovski, Swarowski Crystal and founder and President of SWARCO, receives the EJ Honorary Member Certificate from our Association's President Paolo Magagnotti

  • EJ President Paolo Magagnotti presents the Memorial Certificate Manfred Swarovski to Richard Neumann, M.A., Head of Corporate Communication & Marketing SWARCO Group at the EJ Congress 2018 in Berlin.

  • Richard Neumann, M.A, Head of Corporate Communication & Marketing SWARCO Group commemorates the Gropup's Founder Manfred Swarovski at the EJ Congress 2018 in Berlin.

  • Richard Neumann, M.A., Head of Corporate Communication & Marketing SWARCO Group hands the Memorial Certificate Manfred Swarovski to the Swarovski’s widow Elisabeth Swarovski in Wattens (A).

  • Zum Gedenken an Manfred Swarovski EJ Präsident Paolo Magagnotti Bertelsmann Stiftung Vertretung in Berlin 18.Oktober 2018 ======================================================================== Heute wollen wir eines ganz besonderen Freundes unserer Journalistenvereinigung gedenken. Unsere Vereinigung wurde im Jahre 1962 im italienischen Blumenstadt Sanremo gegründet. In den ersten Jahren des neuen Jahrhunderts erlebten wir gewisse Schwierigkeiten, und der gewünschte Aufschwung unserer Vereinigung benötigte Finanzmittel, die wir nicht hatten. Besondere Hilfe brauchten wir für Kollegen von Ländern, in denen das Gehalt besonders niedrig war.So wendete ich mich an einen langjährigen Freund, einen mutigen und weitblickenden Unternehmer, der gleichzeitig ein überzeugter Verfechter der europäischen Einheit war und die Grenzen als „Narben der Geschichte“ betrachtete, die durch den guten Willen der Menschen überwunden werden sollten. Man hat nicht viele Worte gebraucht, um seine prompte und spontane Hilfe zu erhalten. Eine dauerhafte Unterstützung, die das Leben und die Tätigkeit unserer Vereinigung während der letzten Jahre entscheidend unterstützt hat. Manfred Swarovski, der am Heiligen Abend 1940 in Wattens als Mitglied der vierten Generation der international bekannten österreichischen Kristalldynastie Swarovski geboren wurde, ist leider am Abend des 13. Mai 2018 im 78. Lebensjahr friedlich zu Hause entschlafen. Anlässlich meiner kurzen Trauerrede in Wattens am 19. Mai habe ich die Bewunderung und Dankbarkeit unserer Vereinigung zum Ausdruck gebracht. Es ist uns eine Herzensangelegenheit, an unseren Freund Manfred Swarovski zu denken und ihn auch bei dieser Gelegenheit in Erinnerung zu bringen Nach dem Studium in der Schweiz, trat er in das Familienunternehmen, und 1969 entschloss er sich zur Gründung einer eigenen Glasperlenfabrik. Was 1969 mit einer kleinen Glasperlenfabrik begann, ist fast fünfzig Jahre später der organisch und akquisitorisch stark gewachsene internationale Verkehrstechnologiekonzern SWARCO mit knapp 3.700 Beschäftigten und Geschäftsaktivitäten in über 70 Ländern geworden. Die SWARCO Gruppe ist weltgrößter Hersteller energieeffizienter LED-Ampeln und die weltweite Nummer 2 bei Glasperlen und Straßenmarkierungssystemen. Auch gehört SWARCO zu den Pionieren im Ausbau der emissionsfreien Elektromobilität. Durch sein Engagement für erhöhte Verkehrssicherheit und umweltfreundliche Mobilität wurde Manfred Swarovski zu einer international anerkannten Stimme. Mit zahlreichen Auszeichnungen wurden seine Verdienste als erfolgreicher Unternehmer und wichtiger Arbeitgeber in vielen Ländern gewürdigt. Mit dem Ableben von Manfred Swarovski hat unsere Vereinigung einen echten und großzügigen Freund verloren und ein besonderes Ehrenmitglied, dem wir eine immerwährende Dankbarkeit erweisen wollen. Persönlich habe ich einen der besten Freunde meines Lebens verloren. Wir haben uns vor mehr als 35 Jahren in Kalifornien, zusammen mit seiner Frau Elisabeth, kennengelernt. Seit damals habe ich die Ehre und das Privileg gehabt, seine besondere Freundschaft zu genießen. Die echte Freundschaft – und er wusste, wie man echte Freundschaft praktiziert - war für ihn Seelengröße und bereichernde Lebenswerte. Manfred Swarovski war ein mutiger, erfolgreicher, weitblickender Unternehmer. Dennoch möchte ich hier an Manfred Swarovski als Menschen erinnern; einen von jenen Menschen, die in der heutigen Welt der Wirtschaft nicht einfach zu finden sind. Seine unternehmerischen Intuitionen und sein wirtschaftliches Wirken haben immer auf die Folgen für die Menschen geachtet, und seine Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter haben das zu schätzen gewusst. Das friedliche Zusammenleben unter den europäischen Völkern war für ihn ein ganz wichtiges Anliegen, eine unersetzliche Voraussetzung auch für erfolgreiches Wirtschaften, aber vornehmlich für das Gemeinwohl der Menschen. Wenn wir uns trafen, wollte er immer auch über die Europäische Union sprechen, und er war besorgt, wenn Rückentwicklungen des europäischen Projekts ein stabiles Europa aufs Spiel setzen könnten. Es ist auch in diesem Sinne, in diesem Geiste, dass er die Tätigkeit unserer Vereinigung unterstützte, ohne irgendeine Gegenleistung zu erwarten, und dies haben unsere Mitglieder sehr geschätzt.

  • Georg-Sven Adenauer, grandson of the Europe’s Founting Father Konrad Adeneuer and Maria Romana De Gasperi, daughter of the Europe’s Founding Father Alcide De Gasperi are Honorary Members of our Association. The diploma was presented to them on the occasion of the 49th EJ Congress in Timisoara, May 7-9, 2011.

  • EJ President Paolo Magagnotti presents the certificate EJ Honorary Member to Mr. Alexander Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal; Vice-president of SWARCO on the occasion of the EJ 50th Jubilee Congress that took place in Razlog, Bulgaria, on September 20.23, 2012.

  • EJ President Paolo Magagnotti presents to Mr. Yordan Kanazirev, director of BALKANSTROY the certificate of EJ Honorary Member on the occasion of the EJ 50th Jubilee Congress that took place in his "Pirin Golf & Country Club" in Razlog, Bulgaria, on September 20-23, 2012

  • EJ President Paolo Magagnotti presents the certificate of EJ Honorary Member to the Rector the West University of Timisoara Prof. dr. Ioan Talpoº on the occasion of the 49th EJ Congress in Timisoara, May 7-9, 2011.

  • Mr. Walter Grupp, founder of Intergest Belgium, receives the EJ Honorary Member Certificate from our Association's President Paolo Magagnotti

  • Mr. Constantin Ostaficiuc, President of the Timis County, Romania, receives the EJ Honorary Member Certificate from our Association's President Paolo Magagnotti in Timisoara on the occasion of the 49th EJ Congress, May 7-9, 2011.

  • Mr. Petru Dorobantu, promoter of the constitution of the first EJ group in Romania and frm. Romania diplomat to the Holy See became EJ Honorary Membesr on the occasion of the EJ Congress in Timisoara on May 2011.

  • Our EJ Vice-president Rotger H. Kindermann makes news in a German newpaper

  • The Board Magazine of the Carpatair airline having his hub in Timisoara, Romania, reported in its Autumn 2010 issue a special interview with the EJ President Paolo Magagnotti.