Trento, Italy


544th EJ International Congress

Trento  September 15-18, 2016

 Reasons for the choice of the theme for the 2016 

EJ International Congress

1.   The European Union risks to fall apart.

2.   The values and principles that inspired the founding fathers are getting lost.

3.   Nationalism seems to be preferred to European visions.

4.   Citizens’ confidence in the European project is declining day by day.

5.   However, some important goals have been achieved: first of all peace in Europe.

6.   We need to be aware that we are living in a quite different world if we compare it with the after WWII time and even the last decades.

7.   At this point it is imperative to ask ourselves and to decide: which kind of Europe do we want for the present time and especially for the new generations?

8.   At the same time we need to take into serious consideration that globalization and a highly interdependent world force us to interact with new and non-European global actors and to this regard it is also necessary to see and to understand what they think of us, of Europe. We need a European Global Strategy.

9.   New epochal phenomena are sweeping  away traditional social and political schemes: migration and new terrorism are very much worrying. We need to think deeply about the possible future scenarios of the migration phenomena, preparing ourselves for a more multiethnic Europe.

10.               In such a context we need also to decide the kind of neighborhood  policy that we want to develop.

11.               We need therefore to consider two crucial aspects for the European policy: internal and external finalités.


After all these and other considerations the following theme has been decided:

Rethinking Domestic and Foreign finalités

of  the European Union: Quo vadis Europa?

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