Bucharest, Romania.



On June 12-15,2007  the EJ President Paolo Magagnotti hade meetings in Bucharest for preparing the annual  Congress. 

He was campaigned by the Vice-president of the Romanian Section Lucian Ionica, Director of the TVR Timisoara.


2007 Congress in Bucharest, Romania (September 12-16)


The 45th Associations’ Congress  has taken place last September (12-16) in Bucharest, Romania on the general theme “Unknown Europe? Opportunities and Risks”.
Association’s members and experts made presentations and discuss in open sessions several topics. Some of them are:
-    Communicating Europe.
-    Freedom of Press.
-    Media Concentration.
-    Ethnic Minorities’ rights in a EU based on diversity.-    

-      Involvement of Civil Society in the European Integration Process.

  -   How to Communicate?

-   “The Role of Media in Shaping Citizens Preferences towards EU Constitution.
-    Local Economies and Globalization
-    Social Enterprises in and Evolving Economy

The  Congress was very successful. We appreciated the participation of many journalists from the Romanian Capital.

The presentations and the debate about the topics on the agenda were very interesting. 

EJ President Paolo Magagnotti opens the Congress