Brexit, let’s hope in a positive swing


Brexit, let’s hope in a positive swing


The defeat of the Brexit withdrawal agreement by the UK Parliament isn’t as tragic as several political commentator state.

The huge majority of “no” is of course a political fact that affects the British politics, even if the  May’s Government won the vote of confidence. I’m confident that the deadlock will be overcome without dramatic consequences for both the EU and the UK.

Since the referendum of June 23, 2016, many things happened  both in the British society and in the EU, institutionally and politically.

No Member states should be so irresponsible to stop a possible extension of the period for entering  into force of the withdrawal agreement made possible by the art. 50 of the Treaty on the European Union.

In the meantime let’s hope that rationality and common responsibility will prevail and politicians – with the support of segments of the civil society – will be enlightened  to deeply think at a future that day by day needs unity, even if it requires special commitments and tolerance.

My personal wish is that time and conditions will be allowed  and created for keeping a strong cooperation between UK and EU, with the desire to share with the British people a common future in the common European house, to which they belong with full rights.


Paolo Magagnotti

EJ President