The Cry from the Mediterranean Sea!


The Cry from the Mediterranean Sea!


For how long will be the Mediterranean Sea in the conditions to bury in its waters the hundreds and hundreds of desperate people that day and night are running away relentlessly from starvation and death?  The Sea of the historical West-East trade routes has become the largest world’s cemetery.

 Children, woman and many other people of different ages deluded and exploited by criminals totally without scruples leave their hopeless homeland carrying with them just the hope of surviving.

 It doesn’t matter where they come from,  the region they believe in and whatever skin color they have: they are human beings, united by cries of despair.


The tragedy has assumed a worldwide dimension and impact and for too long time Italy has been left alone to face this humanitarian  emergency.

 For too long time the European Union’s institutions have remained deaf and blind, and not so much have done its member states  to rouse Brussels from its torpor.

 For too long time Brussels and other European capitals have turned a blind eye.

 The European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders FRONTEX  has replaced since last November the Italian “Mare Nostrum” program in lunching the “Joint Operation Triton” in managing the migration fluxes in the Mediterranean Sea. The Operation is calling on all the EU member states to cooperate.

 However, the solidarity that should be at the basis of the European project is still far from being as concrete as the reality requires.

 In keeping my strong belief  in and passion for the  European integration process as the most fascinating democratic project in the entire history of humanity, I hope that all the EU member states will become more concretely aware of the urgent need to be more united within the European Union in facing the growing challenges that we are and will be more and more experiencing in our globalized and highly interdependent world which is running the risk to go out of control, with no winner and everybody being loser.

All journalists bear the responsibility for contributing in calling on policymakers at both national and European level to behave consistently in pursuing the noble aims of the European Union.

 Paolo Magagnotti

EJ President