AT WAR WITH ISIS by Jacques Campé



by Jacques J. CAMPE

EJ Executive Committee Memebsr


The Paris attacks are the most murderous massacres committed in Europe in the last 10 years and for the first time they were carried out on a large scale and perfectly coordinated.  No adjective is strong enough to qualify the horror and the shameless attempt at sabotaging the core values of our civilisation.

 It is unfortunately only the beginning : more attacks somewhere else (UE members, Washington ?) are in the offing.

Prior to the events in Paris, French authorities have foiled undisclosed conspiracies hatched by isolated persons or limited groups of potential terrorists.

 Most of the victims from 19 different nationalities were young people attending an indoor rock concert.  By sheer coincidence, an extensive and large-scale practice for emergency rescue teams had taken place on the very morning of the bloodshed, ensuring the top efficiency of their intervention during the disastrous evening.

 At the joint session of the National Parliament (House of Representatives + Senate), French President Hollande decided some drastic measures of retaliation against the Islamic State :

 - the state of emergency will be extended for three months

 - airstrikes launched from bases in Jordan and the UAE, started from early Saturday morning, pounded ISIS facilities (oil         

  transports, training camps, arms depots) around the Syrian town of Rakka.  They will be intensified in coordination with the US


 - the CHARLES DE GAULLE aircraft carrier will sail to the Western Mediterranean to get closer to the theatre of operations,

  allowing more planes to fly sorties over selected targets

 - police raids and house searches are taking place throughout the country, leading to house arrests and detentions.  Numerous

  arms caches have been discovered, including a rocket launcher in Lyon. They will be intensified

 - 7500 people will be recruited to reinforce police, customs, border control officers and the judiciary


- both the EU and the UN will be asked to organize a session to discuss measures to combat ISIS and rampant terrorism


In order to better coordinate and harmonize the gathering of intelligence, France will join the existing "5 EYES" Committee consisting of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

 The only way to annihilate ISIS is to form a grand coalition of alll countries concerned (EU, US, Russia, Iran, Gulf countries) in order to destroy the enemy's capabilities.

We must not allow ISIS to undermine our values and change the way we are living our lifes : there is no room for paranoia, it is what they are striving after !