EJ condemns Polish attack on the freedom of expression


 The Polish decision to exercise through a law a dangerous control on the media is deeply worrying the “European Journalists Association-The Communication Network” (EJ). With such attitudes the government is undermining the freedom of expression, which is basic element for democracy. It is unacceptable that de facto a member of the government decides to appoint and dismiss as he/she wish  directors of pubic media according to his/her wishes. National rules should create a system guaranteeing independence of media, instead. The EJ expresses its solidarity with the colleagues of the Polish public broadcasting and all the polish journalists and urge the EU Institutions to launch a crackdown on the attempt to put a gag on the freedom of expression. In addition to that it is even more worrying the general political context in which the new rules limiting freedom of expression have been approved.

Paolo Magagnotti

EJ President