EJ strongly condemns the Turkish’s government attack against “ZAMAN”


The European Journalists Association –The Communication Network (EJ)

strongly condemns  the Turkish’s government attack against “ZAMAN”

  The unbelievable decision by the Turkish government against the newspaper ”ZAMAN” needs to be strongly condemned. The  threateningly attitude of the Turkish political leadership has overstepped all the limits. It has  ben unfortunately already long time that freedom of the media  in Turkey is under attack.

With the pretext of “political terrorism” the Turkish president and his men want to close the mouth to everybody expressing opinions that they don’t like, acting against basic democratic principles and values.

EJ expresses the deepest solidarity to the editor-in-chief and all his journalists of the free “ZAMAN” that was published until two days ago and feels close to them and to all the Turkish colleagues believing in freedom of the press and fighting for it.

EJ urges the European commission, the European Parliament and the European Council to take severe position against the Turkish authorities suffocating principles and values which are at the basis of a democratic society, stopping to “flirt” with president Erdogan for keeping in his country migrants.

The head of states and governments of the European Union that will be meeting a few hours to discuss with Turkey the migrants’ question can’t avoid to taking serious consideration what has happened in in Ankara against freedom of expression.

Democracy and freedom of expression are not negotiable!

EJ strongly support the Turkish Association of journalists in Ankara for its commitments in monitoring attack on the media in violation of freedom of the media .

Paolo Magagnotti

EJ President