Austrian Presidential Election and EU Future


The outcome of the presidential elections in Austria gives reasons for being worried about the future of the European Union.

We need to respect, of course, the free will of voters. However, considering the positions expressed during the election campaign by the political party that got the highest popular support towards migration and the European project, we have reasons to worry about the impact that an important country with a long tradition of coexistence and mutual understanding among many peoples of different cultures, languages and traditions can have on the European integration process.

Further reason of warring is the likely possibility that this outcome will lead to coalition with other political groups in EU member states which have already proved aversion to immigration and European Union’s fundamental principles and values.

Let’s hope that in a near future a wiser cooperation on European level among EU governments will lead to embark on a change in the migration policy and other basic elements in order to save with dignity the most important and fascinating unification project ever seen in the history of humanity.