New Step of Orban’s March Towards Authoritarianism.


New Step of Orban’s March Towards Authoritarianism.


The march of the authoritarian Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban  towards authoritarianisms has taken another step. The private company “Kartonpack”, which has been producing packaging elements for years, has been placed under state control by the Hungarian government, to which a few days ago the Parliament granted full powers under the pretext of managing the corona virus pandemic. Both the manager and the members of the board have been replaced with immediate effect by representatives appointed by the government; among them are members of Orban Fidesz's party and lawyers who have long been working for Fidesz politicians. This is clearly a very worrying totalitarian march wounding at the heart the basic values of democracy and freedom that are the basis of the European Union.

It’s self-evident that a country that supports this policy is absolutely incompatible with its presence in the European Union. No doubts that Orban and his government are only interested in the European Union as a money deliver,  which is no longer tolerable.

The EU must stop “helicopter drops” of money to countries undermining the true European project.

It is absolutely necessary for the European institutions to come out from humming and hawing and ask Hungary decide: to meet and enforce the EU principles and values or leave the Union.

The EJ is concerned about this authoritarian march and feels  close to the journalists who have to work in such a regime.