A Today’s Message of Hope


A Today’s Message of Hope

Symbols are not money in our pockets or other material means or services of practical use; they are something that can have even greater importance; they correspond to particular or universal contents or values; they can generate fundamental messages of hope.

It is precisely this message of hope that today has been launched in and throughout Europe with the symbolic start of vaccination against the cursed Covid-19 concomitantly in all countries of the European Union; some countries have wanted to distinguish themselves and start a day earlier: a not nice signal, but that is not playing down the overall importance of the meaningful initiative.

At a time when we, in the European Union, are looking for elements and forces of greater unity, I would like to see in the today’s symbol represented by the joint launch of the vaccination program firstly and foremost a meaning of unity,a unity that we need so much.

That unity I would like to derive from the original meaning of symbol with reference to its use in ancient Greece, when, in front of an object, usually a stick, irregularly divided into two parts, the owner of one of the two parts had to show the ability to join his own part to the other one. The unity of the division was thus realized.

Let us hope that what has happened today can be understood by everyone, especially by the political leaders, as a symbol and message of unity among all the peoples of Europe, within the European Union.

Paolo Magagnotti
EJ President