French Presidential Elections: European unity has won



French Presidential election with the confirmation of the pro-European president Emmanuel Macron gives us new hope for keeping the way towards  a European integration process. Let’s hope that  a further convergence of other pro-European Member states will strengthen the Team of countries that are aware of risks that a weakened EU can run not just for European people but for stability and peace worldwide. The next “test” will be the implementation of the outcome of the Conference of the Future of Europe, hoping that conditions will be created to avoid that resorting out-of-date “vet” rules Governments considering EU just as a Bankomat will bloc the European dream for new generations.

However, the large affirmation of the far-right wing can’t be undervalued and we need to commit ourselves in communicating Europe in an unbiased way and countering the many myths that politicians disseminate also using  the threat on national identity that the European unification can bring.

Paolo Magagnotti