EJ Resolution on War in Ukraine - Timisoara, May 10, 2022


Resolution for EJ-congress in Timisoara  - May 2022

1.    Vladimir Putin’s monstrous invasion on Ukraine is an attack on civilisation itself. He is held responsible for the destruction of residential buildings, hospitals, and the widespread atrocities against civilians. These crimes have been condemned by the People in the European Union as a break of civilization. Therefore Putin should be indicted and charged as a war criminal at the International Court for Violations of Human Rights.

2.    The EU must answer this aggression by unanimous action – by internationally coordinated economic sanctions against Russia and by a strong military support
and humanitarian aid of Ukraine. The EU is above all a community of rights and values. This must be put to the prove. A condemnation of Russia is expected of the applicant countries as well.


3.    This war is a turning point. Up to now there was the widespread conviction:
Fewer guns means more peace. This notion may function within democracies.
 It is careless towards dictatorships.
If Europe wants to live in peace, it must arm itself for war. This knowledge requires close military cooperation and high investment in our safety.


4.    Economic relations have also to be realigned. Limitless globalisation, international trade and the orientation towards favorable labour costs must be questioned. European companies will have to think twice about investment in totalitarian states and the reliability of supply chains and raw materials. The compliance
of ethical and political standards
will be the yardstick of economic cooperation. Especially on the energy sector the EU must become independent as soon as possible.  “Renewable energies are freedom energies”.


5.    The Russian war against Ukraine has turned into a media war. The ongoing disinformation campaigns affecting the EU must be stopped. In this respect we welcome “EUvsDisinfo” as the flagship project of the EU to increase public awareness of the Kremlin`s disinformation and propaganda operations but it ought to be available in all European languages including Russian.


6.   Free press must also stand up for freedom because this is the basis of its own existence.
Timisoara, 10. 5, 2022