The Europe's Father Alcide De Gasperi and Eatern Europe


European Studies Center Alcide DeGasperi  in  Romania


Between October and November 2007 three major events connected with the name of the Europe’s Father Alcide De Gasperi took place in Romania and Poland.

On October 27, at the  West University of Timisoara, Romania,  the “European Studies Center Alcide De Gasperi” was inaugurated.

Aims of the Center are, among others: the dissemination of information on the European vision of De Gasperi and other Europe’s Fathers related to the present situation of the integration prices; translation in Romanian of texts containing basic principles of the European unification; resources  and studies on the European integration; organization of seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences anddebates on the European Union; involvement if students in resources and other European integration’s related initiatives.

Every year, on the occasion of the birth of De Gasperi (April 3) a public “Alcide De Gasperi Lecture” under the motto “Quo vadis Europa” will be given. Each year a different topic will be chosen.

EJ was co-promoter of the initiative.


                                                                   Ms. Maria Romana De Gasperi inaugurates the Center and (right) gives tha inaugiration speech.

                                                                                   Inauguration cerimony in the Aula Magna if the West University.



 Alcide De Gasperi Conference Center and University in Poland 


Between November 8  and November 13 three European events took place where EJ was participating.

On November 9 the “Conference Center Alcide De Gasoperi” was inaugurated at the “European Institute” of Lodz.

The inauguration ceremony was followed by an international Conference on “Alcide De Gasperi’s and Italy’s Contribution the  European Integration process”.

On November 11, the Academic Year of the “European Euroregional Economic University Alcide De Gasperi” of Józefów (near Warsaw)  was inaugurated.

On November 12, a seminar on “European Visions after 50 Years of the Treaties of Rome” took place in Warsaw.


At  all the events the daughter of the Italian Statesman, Mariaa Romana De Gasperi, participated and gave remarkable speeches.

Opening ceremony of the academic year
2007-2008  of the“European Euroregional
University Alcide De Gasperi”
of Józefów
, Warsaw.