Europe Day 2009 in Timisoara, Romania



Children of Timişoara celebrate the Europe Day 2009



Hundreds of children of elementary schools of Timisoara, Romania, were protagonists  of the “Europe Day 2009” in theirs city. The very successful event wads jointly organized by the “West University of Timisoara” (UVT) with its “Center for European Studies Alcide De Gasperi” and “Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence” and the “European Journalists Association-The Communication Network”.

A couple of weeks before, students of the Master of UVT  gave  a very simple power point presentation on the history of the European Union.

After the “lectures” the children, assisted by their teachers, wrote thoughts and made drawings about Europe on paperboards.

On the morning of event children gathered in Piaţa Unirii the and, holding their paperboards fixed on a pole and  blue balloons with the European emblem, paraded through the city center reaching the UVT, where they were welcomed with very nice and almost moved words by the Rector Prof. dr. Ioan Talpos.

During the parade they delivered flyers explaining the origin of the Europe day related to the historical Declaration of Robert Schuman on Mai 9, 1950 and with the following message in four languages Europe is our Home. Let’s work together in its building yard to complete this House. In this Home, with its windows open to the world, we grow into our Future”.

After releasing the balloons towards the sky, they entered the Aula Magna that for the occasion was transformed un a “Youth’s European Parliament”, where, after electing President, Vice-President and Quaestors, a “question time” session took place.

We realized/witnessed in amazement how many intelligent questions were put. The overall celebration was a great success both because of involving children and the  raising interest for the European Union on the side of the public.