EJ Presidenet Magagnotti and Vice-president Kindermanm meet Konrad Adenauer's Grandson


L.>r.: Paolo Magagbotti-Sven-Georg Anedauer-Rotger Kindermann

On October 3, 2010 EJ President Paolo Magagnotti and EJ Vice-president Rotger H. Kindermann met in Gütersloh(Germany) with Mr. Sven-Georg Adenauer, Grandson the Founding Father  of Europe Konrad Adenauer. Mr. Sven-Georg Adenauer active in politics and since October 1, 1999 is Landrat of the Landkreis Gütersloh. Since ever, both in many capacities as representatives of public institutions and privately is Mr. Sven-Georg Adenauer very engaged  in highlighting  and disseminating the European values and visions of his Great Grandfather. During  the warm-hearted meeting topical topics were discussed, with special references to the future for young generation  in Europe. Mr. Accepted the invitation to be “SchirmHerr” of the next EJ International Congress in Timisoara, Romania on May 7-9 2010. He will also participate at the event with a speech.  The descendant  of another Great Founding Father Europe’s will be “SchirmHerrin” of the Congress and be present with a speech: Mrs. Maria Romana De Gasperi, daughter of Alcide De Gasperi.