EJ President Paolo Magagnotti met in Timişoara with the President of the Timiş County Constantin Ostaficiuc


EJ President met on November 12, 2010  in Timişoara  with the President of the Timiş County (Consiliul Judeţena Timiş) Dr. Constantin Ostaficiuc (right in picture). At the meeting attended also Dr. Petru Dorobanţu, frm. Romanian  chargé d’affaires at the Vatican State and organizer in 2005 in Timisoara of the first meeting of Romanian Journalists aimed to have an EJ group in Romania.

During  warm-hearted meeting Paolo Magagnotti presented  to President Ostaficiuc the European Journalists Association and the next EJ International Congress that will take place in Timisoara on May 7-10, 2010 on the theme “Hope Europe-Youth Looking for new Ways for their Future”. President Ostaficiuc,wh is Vice-president of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union and frm. President of the Committee for Social Policy & Public Health of the Assembly of European Regions expressed his deep appreciation for the Congress’ theme and availability of his County to be co-organizer of the event.


EJ President congratulated President Ostaficiuc on his commitment in European Organizations  and in backing initiatives aiming the shape a better European future.